Because we are Stronger together®!

We believe that a benefit plan is way more than just a prescription drug insurance or dental care, it’s also a clear indication that your company cares about the health and the well-being of its employees. We are here to help you promote that and to demonstrate its value to your employees.

We take care of your plan’s financial health by making sure that the money allocated to the plan is used optimally to maximize the return on investment.

What makes dElta an essential business partner is its customized approach, its expertise and its values. The difference between a ‘’ boutique ‘’ firm like dElta and the others? A topnotch service, ‘’ tailored ‘’ solutions and the pleasure of working together.

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Our approach



  • Dedicated multidisciplinary team offering ongoing support
  • Complete service centre
    • administrative support
    • comparative analysis of booklets, brochures and contracts
    • answers to your questions
  • Help with insurance company
  • d-hubTM: we dedicate a resource to manage invoicing, taxable benefits and any other administrative task

Strategic planning

  • Determine the plan objectives
  • Analyze the company needs
  • Assess and explain the various options available
  • Develop a strategic plan


Plan design

  • Ensure that the plan being offered is still satisfactory
  • Assess and suggest modifications based on identified issues
  • Put in place cost control measures
  • Plan overhaul/redesign
  • Modular plan

Plan Financing

  • Ensure that the existing financial agreement with the insurer is still satisfactory
  • Assess the various agreements available, as appropriate  
    • insured
    • retention or simplified retention
    • administrative services only
  • Cost-sharing between the employer and the employees
  • Tax optimization
  • International pooling



  • Analyze, review and negotiate
  • Assess the competitiveness of proposed fees
  • Optimization of pooling parameters for high claimants
  • Present the analysis report and recommendations
  • Regular follow-up meetings

Calls for proposals

  • Prepare documents and insurer requests for proposals
  • Administrative questionnaire
  • Analyze proposals received
  • Financial projections
  • Explain the issues related to the various proposals
  • Recommendation


  • Support and advice
  • Develop communication material
  • Employee presentations
  • Employee surveys

Management of complex projects

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Plan harmonization
  • Simplified plan structure
  • Special risks (inpatriates, expatriates, international workers)

dElta exclusivities


dEltaMax product: A customized modular plan

  • Product designed by dElta and offered exclusively to our clients with less than 150 employees
  • Flexibility: a simple modular plan providing employees with greater flexibility to meet their individual needs
  • Reduced rates and fees: by grouping several SMEs, we can negotiate substantially lower plan administration and pooling fees
  • Benefits for the employees
    • Individual choice
    • Cost based on needs
    • Access to higher insurance amounts with or without proof of good health for life insurance and disability insurance
    • Health spending account (10 employees and more)
  • Benefits for the employer
    • Customized modular plan for each employee regardless of the size of the group
    • Savings on administration fees
    • Stabilization of costs
    • Tool for employee retention and attraction

Our tools

  • d-ductionTM – allows users to calculate payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • dElta-CALCTM – rate calculation methodology
  • DIN-analyzerTM – overview of the business’s global health
  • d-hubTM – complete support for plan administration follow-up and audit
  • review 180TM – semi-annual client meeting which includes a projection of anticipated financial conditions as well as informative and comprehensive reports on various aspects, such as the evolution of financial results

Other exclusivities for dElta clients

  • Agreement with TD Insurance for reduced home and car insurance rates

Insurance products and suppliers

We work in collaboration with all the insurance companies to offer you an insurance plan which respects your image and best suits your needs.