• The Firm’s origins date back to 1998, when it was founded by Mr. Roger d’Eschambault. With an impressive background in the area of group insurance and retirement plan consulting, his vision was to create a firm to provide truly innovative solutions to clients that insurers could support. The Firm has developed since, and is currently providing such services as  Group Retirement Plans Management Consultation.

  • In 2011, dElta acquired the Tanner-Deland firm in Cowansville, which has now become dElta‑Tanner serving the Montérégie and Estrie regions.

  • Today, dElta includes a team of approximately 30 associates, including professionals from the insurance, group retirement plan and human resource areas, providing services to several hundred businesses of various sizes.

Stronger together

Our business philosophy is aptly summed up with our slogan: “Stronger Together”. This means that we strongly believe in a teamwork approach which extends to our clients as key members. Showing respect the people around us who contribute to this mission is paramount. This is how we treat our employees, suppliers and clients everyday and this is what we call “Human Values”. Whether in group insurance, group retirement plans or human resources, we believe this approach can generate long-term positive financial results for our clients.

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Client services with human values

  • A reliable, dedicated, experienced support team available at any time.
  • Your bond of trust with insurers.
  • A guaranteed assistance and presence to support you during any meeting required with your employees.




Expertise and creativity

  • Our internal Actuarial Service Department ensures an optimal protection of your financial interests, because our pricing models are wisely accepted
  • Our innovative approach creates opportunities for a new vision of benefits.
  • Our reputation with insurers provides us with significant leverage, which benefits all of our clients.