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  • Flexibility: 
    • A simple modular plan providing your employees with greater flexibility to meet their individual needs
  • Pooling: 
    • By pooling several SMEs under a single contract, we are able to negotiate lower group insurance prices as well as substantially lower plan administration fees
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  • For your employees, an employee benefits program is more than insurance and health care. It shows that your company is not merely an employer but that you listen and care about your team’s well-being. That makes a difference
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  • When you become a dElta customer, we assign you an advisor who will properly evaluate your situation and learn more about your company with the goal of serving you more effectively. We then introduce you to our team leaders (insurance, customer service and human resources) so that you’ll feel comfortable with people you can trust. We like to start our partnership out on the right footing. That’s our promise
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One stop shop

  • Organizational diagnosis 
  • Operational Human Resources Management
    • Interim, replacement, outsourcing
    • Audit
    • Programs
    • Training 
  • Coaching
    • Human Resources Management
    • Disability benefits (CSST, leave of absence) 
  • Labour Relations 
  • Absence and disability management CSST
    • Outsourcing
    • Case by case 
  •  Workplace Health and Safety
    • Management and prevention audit
    • Financial record and claims
    • Rehabilitation
    • Training 


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  • The gold standard in human asset management
  • We translate our clients’ needs into a clear vision. Steadfastly in-tune to them, we take the time to analyze each file with our clients and offer our recommendations. Clients maintain full possession of their files at all times.
  • We intervene by any means they request, with a particular focus on the causes and impacts of the issues at hand. 
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Health and productivity 

  • Healthy employees make for a healthy business, it’s a fact
  • Optimization of employee performance by promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Protection against the major impacts following the loss of a key employee due to disability
  • Solving the root causes of health costs 
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  • Expertise and creativity
  • Our focus is to develop skills and solutions in our chosen field of expertise
  • Our internal actuarial department is the gatekeeper of your financial interests
  • Our creative approach equals a new vision of group benefits
  • Our reputation within the insurance community gives us powerful leverage when negotiating on behalf of our clients 


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Canadian Legislation

We help U.S. and International customers get control of their Canadian benefit plans

  • Our Actuarial billing rates are 20-50 % less than the large Actuarial houses
  • Our U.S. customers have saved millions in costs due to our expertise and pricing models
  • Our strenght is our ability to respond quickly and without the bureaucracy of larger firms. Sometimes, smaller is better!
  • We are the only boutique firm in Canada offering benefits and HR solutions under one roof
  • Our in-house disability managers help our customers get employees back to work in record time
  • We work locally with your employees and managers and provide a global vision, with benchmark analysis of the Canadian market
  • Our DIN analysis™ has helped hundreds of customers pinpoint health issues affecting their teams
  • We operate in both official languages (French & English)
  • The Canadian legislations are so complex and so different from province to province, let us clear things for you, we are the experts!